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IMG_4305Kranjec Valley Angus Farm is a large family-owned cattle operation located in the beautiful heartland of Missouri. Situated in southern Madison County, it is located on some very solid ground, just to the west of the Castor river. The farm is run by and managed by Ivan and Donna Kranjec, along with their son Kristofor. The farm, of course, specializes in the breeding and production of Angus cattle, but that also requires a large input of grass, whether that be silage, hay, or other crops that they take care of to help manage their cattle. This can translate into maintaining hundreds of acres of alfalfa, but this all translates into better beef, ensuring a quality herd and animals, that are happy and healthy!

Our family has a grown to have a reputation of raising high quality bulls that can calve unassisted, can convert more fescue into more weight-gain, and raise productive, functional females for a cowman. If you sell calves by the pound, then our animals are you. In fact, the The last lot of bulls sold averaged 724 pounds at 7 months of age which will in turn put more money in your pocket.

If you have any questions for us, or wish to stop in, please Contact Us today! You may also wish to Subscribe to our farm emails, which can be done by clicking on the link.

Also, please visit our sister site, Madison County Farm Supply, to see where we get many of the quality products that we use to keep our animals happy and healthy!

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